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Official Licensed NLP
Practitioner Training

with Brain Specialist, Chris Wyllie 


This practitioner training gives you the OWNER’S MANUAL 

for your own brain! 



Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is a practical methodology & skillset that teaches you how to engineer changes in your psychology, communication & behaviour to   

re-wire the human brain. 

NLP is an incredibly effective for therapists, coaches & parents to create powerful mental and behavioural changes in your clients. 





This NLP Practitioner training gives you the tools to re-wire your brain & change your life. First, you’ll learn NLP techniques to overcome the problems that are holding you back: anxiety, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, depression, lack of motivation & focus, addictions, bad habits & even learning disorders. Second, you’ll learn step-by-step processes to optimize your cognitive abilities: motivation, thinking, focus, decision-making, self-belief, memory, creativity, self-confidence & cognitive control. Third, you’ll learn the therapeutic processes to help your clients re-wire their brain & behaviour and change their life. 


Are you a Therapist, Coach, Practitioner, Parent or Teacher looking to expand your skillset & 10X your RESULTS with Clients?  NLP will enable you to optimize your clients psychology & create powerful, lasting mental and behavioural changes for them. 

In this practitioner training you'll learn the fundamentals about the human brain, psychology, linguistics,  behaviour and communication that shape "who we are" and "how we behave". Chris teaches you how to use NLP to re-engineer your thought processes, psychology & communication to transform yourself & your clients!

Re-wire all those stubborn mental & behavioural habits for good! 


LEARN FROM THE APPRENTICE OF DR. RICHARD BANDLER. Chris reveals one-of-a-kind insights from his multi-year apprenticeship with the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. 


ONE-OF-A-KIND EXPERIENCE TRAINING WITH CHRIS: Chris covers the basic Neuroscience & Psychology 101 so you know exactly "why" & "how" all the NLP techniques work on the neurological & psychological level. Chris has tested NLP techniques using 20+ channel EEGs & Brain Maps both in real time & across time in client demographics ranging from anxiety disorders, depression, addiction to professional performers, artists & athletes. NLP has something to offer everyone!  

Your Host



Chris Wyllie


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Chris' academic background and degrees are in Neuroscience and Psychology.  Chris runs his own private practice working with children with autism, ADHD, Anxiety and Learning disorders.  Chris speaks across the globe educating on the brain and mental health. In his speeches, Chris performs live demonstrations putting science into real-life application to help people make powerful brain & behavioural changes such as alleviating anxiety, overcoming fears, traumas and phobias and optimizing learning, memory & cognition. Chris applies his one-of-a-kind expertise in neuroscience, psychology, NLP & brain nutrition to help individuals and organizations globally. In short, when people want the very best brain improvements & RESULTS, Chris is the man they call! Chris' inspirational & transformative impact on others is one-of-a-kind.