Over 20 Hours of Masterclass Level Training.


This highly practical and professionally produced video series contains within it the secret to your success.


Follow Chris Wyllie and a select few students as we take you on an educational and entertaining ride through the wonderful world of Brain-Based Persuasion.


Through a combination of story telling, practical demonstrations, and group exercises, Chris provides everything you need to learn the necessary skills to influence and persuade.


Use these techniques in business, at home, and in every aspect of life. Everything boils down to our ability to negotiate and persuade others.


This seminar costs Thousands of Dollars to attend live! And you get the benefit of enjoying it at your own pace, and the ability to watch it back over and over again!


Enjoy the professionally captured HD video, high quality audio, and clean editing which make for a more pleasant and focused viewing experience.


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Brain-Based Persuasion - 4 Day Masterclass!

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